Oriental Cockroach

Blatta orientalis

Both male and female are about one inch in length.


The female is all black, while the male has two brown wings.


The oriental cockroach is a pest in homes throughout much of the United States. It is rarely seen in southeastern states, however. During the summer, oriental cockroaches move outdoors where they may venture into neighboring buildings. During the colder months, they reinvade homes, establishing themselves in basements and crawl spaces.
This cockroach commonly inhabits sewers and storm culverts and will enter buildings through floor drains. It will also live outdoors in firewood, leaf litter, sheds, dog houses, and similar locations. Indoors, the basement, crawl space, and occasionally the attic will be the primary harborage for this pest
Eliminating or minimizing potential harborages outside is the best way to limit infestations of these cockroaches.
Sealing cracks in the building’s exterior helps prevent these pests from entering.
Installing screening in all vents is important.