Jumping Spider

Family Salticidae

The body is usually 1/2-inch or shorter in length.


Color varies, most being black or gray. Some are brightly colored or possess bright markings.


Jumping spiders are among the spiders more commonly seen around homes because they are active during the day. They are recognized by their stout, robust bodies, quick movements, and remarkable feats of jumping. They have two very large eyes in the bottom front row of eyes which they use to locate prey during their daytime hunting forays.
These spiders live outside where they wander about over plant foliage as well as fences, walls, decks and patios in search of insects to prey upon. They rarely enter homes — such invasions are accidental.
Jumping spiders are not dangerous and are not considered a “home pest.” If you find a single spider indoors, you can easily capture and release it. Place a cup over the spider and then slide a piece of paper underneath to trap it within the cup. Turn the cup over while holding the paper tightly over the top. Take the spider outdoors to release it.