Pest Type: Ants

Allegheny Mound Ant

Size: Workers of this species measure about 3/8-inch in length. Color: Red head and thorax with black abdomen Behavior: The name of this ant derives from the way it constructs mounds, which usually measure up to three feet in diameter. The large mounds have resulted in occasional “fire ant scares” in northern states, although the …

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Fire Ant

Size: There are many sizes of workers in the colony, ranging from 1/8-inch to almost 3/8-inch in length. Color: Reddish brown. Behavior: Fire ants pose a health risk to anyone venturing into areas where the ants are found. Although the vast majority of stings result only in a raised welt that may develop a white …

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Carpenter ant

Carpenter Ant

Camponotus spp. Size:Up to 5/8-inch long. Color:Varies from black, brown and black, red and black, to light brown depending on the species. The two most common pest species are black in color. Behavior:Carpenter ants feed on a wide variety of foods, especially other insects. The favored food of adults is the sweet honeydew produced by …

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big-headed ant

Big-Headed Ant

Pheidole spp. Size:This type of ant has two distinct sizes of workers. The larger ones, called major workers, typically range in size from 1/8-inch to 1/4-inch in length, depending on the species. The major worker is easily identified by the extremely large size of its head in comparison to its body. The head of the …

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argentine ant

Argentine Ant

Linepithema humile Size:Workers of this species are about 1/8-inch in length. Color:Varies from dark brown to black, and the body is often shiny in appearance. Behavior:The colonies of Argentine ants can grow quite large and contain tens of thousands of workers and numerous queens. Each colony will be divided into subcolonies located in various suitable …

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acrobat ant

Acrobat Ant

Crematogaster spp. Size:Ranges from 1/8-inch to more than 1/4-inch in length. The most commonly encountered species are found at the smaller end of this size scale. Color:Ranges from black to dark brown to red and black. The smaller species are typically uniformly dark in color. A larger species, common in Texas, is red and black. …

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